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Vinyl Plank Adhesive

Especially suitable for

  • Textile coverings with synthetic secondary backings

  • Textile coverings with foam-, latex- or fleece- backings

  • Woven goods, needlepunch and natural fibre carpets

  • Felt-backed PVC and cushioned vinyl of thickness

<2mm coverings

Product Properties

  • Stable quality Bonding, layer has durable resilience

  • Good water resistance, excellent bonding strength

  • Very high initial tack and final bonding strength

  • Easy application, high coverage rate


Modified polyacrylate-copolymers with bond strengthening resins.

Technical Data

( Under normal conditions at 20℃.)
Packaging size: 15kg Plastic drum
Shelf-life: Min. 12 months
Colour: Cream-white
Working temperature: Min. 15 ℃ at floor level
Consumption: Approximately 180-220㎡/15kg
Open time: 5-30 minutes
Working time: 1-2 hours
Set to traffic: After 24-48 hours
Final strength: After 5-7 days

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